Monday, July 30, 2012

I started this blog to comment on the subject of “leadership”. I’ve been fortunate to serve with “great leaders” first hand. Starting with our country's first President, our nation has been blessed with great leaders. I encourage comment on this subject if the reader is so inclined. What follows is my comment on President Obama's current campaign rhetoric. By now, the whole birther question is sluffed off as just right wing looney toons attacking a president who’s black (read racist), or, “the prez has already provided his birth certificate”, why can’t you drop it already. Think about the important issues of the day, etc…. So does the 46% of “we the people” who support the prez, see any hypocrisy in the prez’s attack on Romney being a “rich white guy”, “unfair”, “outsourcer in chief”, “off shore bank accounts”, “holding back tax returns” (read: he must have something dirty or illegal in them so let’s get it out”, never mind that R’s complied with the disclosure rules on tax returns), Romney is just not a “likeable guy”, and so on? As a member of the remaining 46% or remaining % of “we the people” (read independents), my primary concern is the mounting debt/overspending – read “trillions” (remember when they used to refer to these figures in millions then billions?). But instead, we see the prez relying on personally attacking Romney and mainlining “social issues” to his targeted audience! Will we the people see that our country is in dire need of leadership? That we don’t need complainers and whiners on either side. The Congress is deadlocked now. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, will not the country continue to be “deadlocked”, meaning that our country is on “autopilot spending and mounting debt” with no one with the “cajones” to lead our country back to prosperity and greatness. The Obama cv is attached to ignite your thinking on the question. Are the allegations in the cv true? Is it true that Obama spent a million bucks to thwart lawsuits on the question? Now, I’ve it really shouldn’t matter about his cv. But then ask yourself, why is the community activist in chief who’s never had to make payroll (my personal test for a successful leader) and has no bidnez experience, so worried about a “rich white guy” who made his own money and knows how to fix distressed companies? “We The People” should not be surprised that the media (known as the Fourth Estate), the Congress, the current prez are all held in low esteem, referring to “approval polls” while the military is held in high esteem by “We The People”. Duty, Honor, Country. Do not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does! Simple codes to live by! Here’s a code I’ve made my own and passed on to my two sons. It is all part of my built in bullshit meter incorporated into the fabric of my personality over the years. “A man’s primary task in life is to immediately recognize the assholes of the world and avoid them at all costs!” Remember the definition of peace, “it’s the time between reloading your weapon.”

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My last post was just prior to the Supreme Court ruling on Obama care. And so it seems that our nation has survived Chief Justice Robert's curious decision. I for one hold a partisan view and think Roberts was flat out, no mistake, he was just plain wrong. I know one thing however. He didn't get to where he is by being short in the brains department, not knowing the law, and not being a man of integrity and honor. Our country is and should be the standard for what the "rule of law" stands for. I think we proved that by not having an armed coup or riots in the streets across our great country. As you listen to the analysis and the judgments rendered on the decision, I'm reminded of a description of lawyers and what they learn in law school. It's basic to the lawyer and his code of ethics that he is an advocate. As such, his or her personal views cannot influence the way he/she argues the law. The phrase I'm referring to is, "an attorney is trained to be able to argue both sides of the question". With that thought in mind, it leaves no doubt in my mind at least, that Chief Justice Roberts decided on his view of the world and "argued for the side of the question of Obama care" that fit his personal viewpoint. It has been said that just prior to the announcement of the court's decision, Roberts was in favor of the conservative view but changed his mind one month prior to the announcement. There are many subjects to discuss since my last post, Obama's recent decision on immigration policy affecting 1.4 million "dreamers" -, a political move or concern for status of illegals?; the renewed debate for gun control despite the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 affirming the fundamental right to bear arms -; to Obama's most recent reminder of his true belief's - "you didn't do that" - China is buying Nexen, the Canadian oil company today, Some how I feel the fix is in. Obama shuts down the oil industry in the Gulf states, then sends the oil to his old buddy Soros - owner of Petrogas in Brazil. Makes you wonder if the fix is in. For now, I'll close with something Paul Harvey said April 3, 1965. It's short...less than three minutes. Check it out. That's it for now. Remember. The definition for "Peace" is the time between reloading your weapon be it pistol, rifle, tank or airplane. :)