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Guns in America

When speaking of guns in America, words on the subject of gun ownership like the 2nd Amendment, Right Wing nut jobs w/guns, or recalling Charlton Heston's famous phrase "from my cold dead hands"'; are instant fodder which solicits views from both sides of the subject like wildfire.

Tolerance of one's point of view, freedom to choose; have room for expression in a free society.  Like Colt Manufacturing's famous advertising slogan "God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal".  That guns have been glamorized rightly or wrongly, doesn't matter.

What does matter is, we live in a free society and can only survive if we agree to live together under a set of guiding principles and leave each other alone to pursue liberty and happiness.

Another example of pouring gasoline on a roaring fire is the annual protests of the use of the word "God" in public places, crosses in the desert or city signage across the country, Christmas trees, manger scenes during the Holiday Season.

As a teacher friend of mine in my neighborhood recalled her visit to China a couple of years ago said, she and her husband were invited to join a typical Chinese family for dinner.  During the evening conversation, Maureen asked her host, a Chinese mother, what she admired most about the US?  The Chinese woman leaned over to Maureen and said, "You're free!"

History records views on gun ownership in America:

The conclusion is thus inescapable that the history, concept, and wording of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as well as its interpretation by every major commentator and court in the first half-century after its ratification, indicates that what is protected is an individual right of a private citizen to own and carry firearms in a peaceful manner.  – Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 97th Congress, Second Session (February 2983)

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries afraid to trust the people with arms.  – James Madison

The Constitution shall never be construed… to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens keeping their own arms.  – Samuel Adams

Gun bans don’t disarm criminals, gun bans attract them.  – Walter Mondale

This country was founded by religious nuts with guns.  P.J. O’Rourke

We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists – Patrick Henry

As that famous American philosopher from Los Angeles, Rodney King, once said, "Can't we all just get along."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

What follows is a paper I wrote for my niece who is in the 4th grade.  She is the granddaughter of my best friend in the Army.  Ava asked me to write a reply to several questions she posed concerning what it meant to be a Veteran.  Here is my reply:.

November 7, 2012
Veteran’s Day Project
Q.     The first question is when were you in the service?  1961 -1981
A.     I entered the Army from my home town in Mason City, Iowa.  I enlisted in the Army in 1961 and went to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri where I received Basic Training.  This school was where I learned the basics of being a soldier.  My initial rank was the lowly rank of Private E-1.  In those days, we referred to the rank as “private e nuthin’”.
         I was Honorable Discharged from the Army in 1981 where I was serving my terminal assignment in Key West, Florida,
Q.     The second question is what branch did you join and why?
A.     In 1962, I volunteered for and was selected to attend the Infantry Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Benning, Georgia.  The sole purpose of this school was to train candidates to be leaders of soldiers throughout a career of serving with Infantry units.
         Upon being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in 1963, I chose Infantry as my branch preference because I wanted to go through the toughest training the Army had.  I was lucky enough to get what I asked for.
Q.     The third question is what was your job?
A.     My primary job in the Army was to be an Infantry Officer.  The short definition of my job being, “to lead men in combat.”
         As I began my career as a 2nd Lieutenant, I volunteered over the years to attend different schools to enhance my operational skills and gain experience.  As I said previously, I wanted to go through the toughest training the Army had to offer.
         After OCS, I gained skills as a Communications Officer in South Korea.  In subsequent assignments I served in various positions; an Aviation Safety Officer, an Aircraft Commander, a Rotary Wing Instructor Pilot, a Rotary Wing Flight Commander, an Aviation Section Commander, a Communications Platoon Leader, an Operations Officer, a Plans Officer, a Training Officer, an Aviation Staff Officer, a Aviation Management/Inspection team leader, and Aircraft Accident Investigator.
         Four schools I am especially proud to have attended and graduated from are, the Airborne and Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia.  The third and fourth school was the Army’s Rotary and Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Flight training program where I became an Army Aviator and a dual rated Aviation.  Dual rated means I can fly both helicopters and multi-engine fixed wing aircraft.  I was also dual instrument rated meaning I could fly instruments in both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.
Q.     The fourth question is can you share one of your most vivid or special memories?
A.     There were many unforgettable, vivid and special memories over the course of 20 years in the Army as you might imagine.  So I’ll give it a shot by listing several.
Incident #1.  It’s actually an accumulation of memories as a helicopter pilot, “Aircraft Commander”, flying UH-1’s in the 129th Assault Helicopter Company. 

The pics shown above were taken when I was flying on my first tour in Viet Nam.  The first pic was taken when I was flying with the 129th Assault Helicopter Company.  The second pic was taken when I was flying with the 1st Brigade (Sep), 101st Airborne Division.

Below is an example of UH-1’s getting refueled and ready to fly troops into combat.

Incident #2.  Again, an accumulation of three events.  I was shot down three times. 
·       Shoot Up #1.  The first time occurred when we were out visiting the various command posts of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.  As we were readying to take off, Father Kovachich, the Brigade Chaplain, asked to drop him off at one of the command posts.  I of course agreed but on one condition.  I asked that he “bless” my helicopter much like Catholics ask their cars to be blessed annually.  I told him that I was flying in an assault helicopter company for 6 months and while everyone around me was getting shot up, I had escaped being hit.  I figured I needed some insurance so I asked to good Padre to bless my bird.
      So the Padre blessed my helicopter.  I dropped him off at the first stop, a hilltop in Indian Country.  As I was preparing to fly away and about 500 feet above the ground, we started taking rounds, small arms fire from somewhere.  I returned to the hilltop as the Huey was damaged and unflyable.  Upon landing and after inspecting the aircraft, sure enough, we took rounds in the main rotor just above where I was sitting.  Needless to say, it was a close call.  Fortunately no one was injured.  When we returned to base, I decided to go have a stiff adult beverage.  I ordered a scotch and as I was bringing the glass to my lips, my hand started shaking uncontrollably.  Yes, I was experiencing a delayed reaction to the fact that I had just be shot at from the bad guys who had come pretty close.
      About that time, the good Padre came into the tent and when I saw him, I started calling him some bad names, all in good fun of course, but nevertheless expressing anger and disappointment.  So the Padre responded by asking me to calm down and explain what happened.  I told him what happened after takeoff after dropping him off at the first stop, the 1/327th Command Post located on a hilltop.
      So the Padre calmly looked at me, recalling all the harsh language I hurled in his direction; the Padre simply looked at me and said.  “Carlos, I understand that you’re upset.  But just think what would had happened if I hadn’t blessed your helicopter!”
      With that, I thought a moment and replied sarcastically, “You could have gone all day long without saying that!”
·       Shoot Up #2.  We were at 1,500 feet, flying to a Special Forces camp when all of sudden, I heard small arms fire.  I turned around and saw that one of my passengers took a round in the butt.  Fortunately, I had ordered flak vests be placed in the seats to protect the passengers as we were flying in a known hostile environment.  My passenger received the Purple Heart for his trouble.
·       Shoot Up #3.  I had just landed in a Command Post and was in the process of dismounting when I heard small arms fire again.  This time, my chin bubble had shattered and struck the floor plate just under my left foot.  Simultaneously, several more rounds came whizzing by alerting me to the fact that there was a sniper who was trying to get himself an Army Aviator kill for his list of kills.  Faster than you can say lickety split, I moved to the passenger area of my helicopter out of the view of the sniper.  Sergeant Major Paul B. Huff, Medal of Honor winner was sitting next to me.  He called out to one of the troops who was digging a foxhole and said, “Hey trooper, there’s a sniper shooting at us!”  The troop in typical Airborne bravado said, “that’s okay Sergeant Major, the LRRP’s will get him!”
·       Incident #3.  Again, a recall of multiple events whereby the bad guys were shooting at me.  This time, they were shooting mortars and rockets.
·       Mortar Attack.  My crew and I were inside a command post bunker where my boss, Brigadier General Matheson, was receiving a briefing.  I was his permanent pilot.  While the briefing was being conducted, the command post came under mortar attack.  Very frightening experience despite the fact that we were protected by being inside the bunker.  BG Matheson asked me to go up and see if I could spot the mortar position so we could direct fire and eliminate them.
         While the mortar shells hit the ground with their distinctive sound, myself and my crew raced out and started the helicopter using quick start procedures, flew out and tried to locate the mortar position.  We didn’t find it.
·       Rocket Attack.  While sitting at my desk at Camp Eagle in the northern confines of Viet Nam, all of a sudden we heard the whistling and then the distinctive “thrump” rockets make when they hit the ground.  They were landing all around us.  We dove for our small sand bag bunkers just outside the tent and waited out the rocket attack.
Incident #4.  While responding to a Special Forces extraction request, I called to the radio man on the ground to tell him we were 10 minutes out, to pop smoke.  We did this as a security measure to make sure we were responding to the good guys.  The extraction would entail coming to a “hole” in the triple canopy (300 foot trees), hover down thru the hole and pull them out.  When we got to within 10 minutes of the area, I called for smoke.  The radio operator whispered, "smoke’s out”. 
I then asked him why are you whispering?  He responded, “they are all around us!”
We went in and got ‘em out.
Incident #5.  We were providing helicopter support to a company of troopers from the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division engaged in clearing LZ’s in Indian Country.  While they were blowing tree stumps to allow for safe helicopter landings making the boarding of troops easier and safer, the LZ caught fire. 
About 40 troopers were trapped by a circle of fire surrounding them making it impossible to walk out.  We then spent the next several hours, pulling them out.  The air was so hot that some sorties only allowed for one soldier to be taken out.
While departing the burning LZ on one sortie, it was my co-pilot’s turn to fly us out.  He was new and still quite nervous as he didn’t have much time flying in combat.  As he was making a “confined area takeoff”, meaning he had to pull all available power and come out steeper than normal.  Consequently, he was right at the limit of available power meaning if he pulled more power to keep the climb steady and ran out of power and we could crash. 
We kept climbing out of the burning confined area ever so slowly and I could see the young co-pilot was very nervous.  He was gripping the cyclic so tightly that you could see the leather stretched so as it appeared white.  When he cleared the trees, I took over for him and told him to relax, that he did a good job flying us out. 
Incident #6.  We, a flight of 9 helicopters, were inserting troops into an open area one morning, the size of the area being about 5 miles square, big area.  As we approached the area from 1,500 feet and began our descent, we noticed there was something strange about the area but couldn’t quite decide what it was.
Then we noticed that the place where we were going to land was gray for some reason.  It was flat area, like landing on a wide open green billiard table with the gray section in the middle 
As we got to 150 ft and began our flare to slow down and land, the sky all of a sudden turned gray.  We couldn’t see a foot in front of us.  There was real concern that we might have mid air collisions and people could die.
So we all broke out in a cloud formation, meaning we broke our flight formation in a predetermined manner and flew to clear skies.  We later determined that the area we were landing into was ashes as the result of a recent fire.  It was a very scary scenario for seconds until we broke out of the “cloud of ashes” into clear skies.
Incident #7.  This particular mission involved inserting the entire 1st Brigade, 3,000 troopers, into a valley area surrounded on three sides by mountains.  We taped over the bottom of the aircraft’s running lights, which were set on “dim” so we could fly formation and see each other for spacing, but also so the enemy could not see us from the ground.
            We flew all night inserting troops into the valley, hot refueling at night; all without incident.  I had a newspaper reporter riding with me that night who was doing a hometown news article on me.  He stated that the ride in the helicopter was one of the most unbelievable experiences of his life.  The helicopters flying in a pitch black night seemed like fireflies at night bouncing up and down because of the high wind drafts.
            It was truly a memorable night.
Incident #8.  This story is a four hanky memory for me every time I think of it.  We had just inserted a company from the 101st into Indian Country and I was flying in “beans and bullets” into the unit.  This was standard practice after our helicopters conducted combat assaults on a daily basis moving troops around the Brigade area of operations.  So as I land the helicopter, a young trooper come over to my helicopter and stood on the skids and asked me to “mail their letters” when I got back to their base camp area.  Very moving for me as that was the least I could do for a fellow soldier.
Incident #9.  This is my “five hanky memory” that I thought I would share with you.  I was serving in Korea as a “butter bar”, 2nd Lieutenant with the 1/32nd Infantry “Queen’s Own”, 7th Infantry Division at Camp Hovey.  Camp Hovey was named after Master Sergeant Howard Hovey who was killed in action at Pork Chop Hill during the Korean War. As was the custom of units in the Division, our battalion had adopted an orphanage from the local area.  Each Christmas, we would invite orphans to our Battalion mess (dining room) for Christmas dinner.  Each of the officers would have a gift for each of the orphan children sitting at their table.  When it came time to give the gifts, I gave my gift to a little Korean orphan girl sitting next to me.  When I gave my gift to her, she swooned and was so surprised and happy.  I will never forget that moment!  

Q.     The fifth question is did you form any special friendships in the service?
A.     The answer is very definitely yes!  One of my best friends is “Wild Bill” Reynolds, a scout pilot with the 1/9 Cav, 1st Cavalry Division.  Others: Tom Larson, John Parrish, Joe DeFloria, “Doc” Gilroy, Frank L. “Gunslinger” Dietrich, Salve H. “Iron Duke” Matheson – WW II vet and member of “E Company” from Band of Brothers fame, John “Rip” Collins = POW in China, Paul B. Huff – Medal of Honor winner, Ed “Black Panther” Abood, Ed “Bear” Burch, Gerald Morse – Pork Chop Hill, Ben Harrison, John P. Lawton, Carl Midkiff, Gary Sauer, William P Frank, Reynel Martinez.
         However, the best friend I met in the Army was Jim Allen.  He was one of the best friends a man could ever have.  I truly miss him!
Q.     The sixth question is what are you the most proud of?
A.     I am most proud of being a combat helicopter pilot who had the honor of flying troopers from the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division into combat and bringing them home safely. 
         To get an idea of what “grunts” (soldiers who were fighting in the jungles of Viet Nam) think of helicopter pilots, go to this link:
         As a combat helicopter pilot, I am most proud to be known by “grunts and troopers” as someone they could always count on to come get them when they were in trouble and needed help, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of day or night.  The Army combat helicopter pilot was known for this one thing alone: that he would always try!
Q.     The seventh question is when you look back, what did you learn during the service?
A.     Easy to answer:
·       Ranger training – “Don’t forget nothin’”.
·       “Don’t quit, can’t quit, gotta’ be Airborne Ranger!”
·       Check, double check, and recheck.
·       Pay attention to detail.
·       If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.
·       Do not tolerate mistakes, ever!
·       There is no substitute for being prepared!
·       Always have Plan A.  Then have Plan B ready to execute when Plan A fails.  Then know that in combat, all the best made plans are faulty and will likely fail as you cannot foresee the unforeseen.  This makes it paramount that everyone knows their jobs.
·       When asked what “combat” is like, we have an old saying that says it best.  Combat is hours and hours of boredom punctuated by moments of “stark terror!”
·       After an attack, your first priority is to make a “headcount”.  Determine your casualties, dead and wounded, count ammo and prepare for counterattack.
·       In combat, there is no substitute for “Victory!”
·       Lead, follow, or get out of the way!
·       Professionalism.
·       Stay physically fit at all times. 
·       Exercise self discipline at all times.
·       Do Not Lie Cheat or Steal or Tolerate anyone who does.
·       It doesn’t matter how impossible the task may appear to be, you can and must find a way to accomplish the mission.
·       Do any job, regardless how menial, but do any job the very best you can.  If your job is to paint a rock, paint that rock better than anyone could do.
·       A soldier must have a sense of “humanity”.
·       Always take your duty seriously.
·       When engaged in school, learning, education, training; whenever you are in a school environment, make sure you learn the subject material as well as you can possible do.
·       If the Army wanted you to have a wife, they’d have issued you one!
·       Nothin’ is to good for the troops and that’s what you give them, “Nuthin’”
·       If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!
·       A complaining soldier is a happy soldier.  When he stops complaining, something’s wrong so find out quick and fix it!
·       In the “Airborne”, you hear “How far?”  The answer is “All The Way!”
·       The key to successful flight is never run out of airspeed and altitude.
·       The most important key to successful flying is “always” make the same number of safe landings as you do takeoffs!
·       A Leader always eats last!
·       Always take care of the troops!
·       Always keep the troops informed.
·       Make sure your men have clean dry socks!
·       Do not allow yourself to be surprised.
·       We have a saying in the Army for a reason.  That saying is “No Excuse Sir!”
·       Always have a positive attitude.
·       When you’re tired and haven’t had anything to eat or the chance to sleep, just remember, you can go easily for another 36 hours.
·       The enemy is waiting for you to go to sleep!
·       There is nothing you can’t do.
·       Be a good follower.  This prepares you for being a good leader.
·       You have to know how to take orders which prepares you to give orders.
·       Keep it simple, stupid!
·       Always be prepared to lead two levels above you.
·       When asked, always give your best answer to a question when preparing for a team mission.  Speak your mind.  Once the decision is made, do your best to be a team player and support the leader to make it happen.
·       Always be flexible and ready to change course when it appears necessary.
·       Don’t be afraid.  Everyone has fear.  Learn how to control fear.  An intelligent person knows the difference between fear and being a coward.
·       Don’t be late, ever!  Show up 10 to 15 minutes early.  This helps you be prepared.
·       Never show up to do a task unprepared.
·       Do “Something”, even if it’s wrong!
·       No one can beat you.  Only you can beat you!
·       Always keep the mission foremost.
·       Never let your fellow soldier down.
·       Be LOYAL to yourself, your fellow soldiers and most of all to your mission.
·       Don’t quibble.
·       Respect life.
·       Never give up!
·       Duty, Honor Country.
·       It is my duty to protect my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
·       Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.
Q.        The final question is what do you think is important for a fourth grade student to know about Veteran's Day?
A.        Respect.
            A typical fourth grader is usually 9 or 10 years old.  You’re beginning an adventure growing up in America that is wonderful and exciting.  So when you see a Veteran or you ask about Veteran’s Day, remember one thing. 
He showed up!
            The American fighting man did what he was asked to do.  He didn’t back down.  He may not have been too happy with some of the things he was asked to do but he did it anyway. 

            The defining characteristic of a warrior is the willingness to close with the enemy.

            He has spent many a time away from family during holidays.  He’s been cold, alone, outnumbered, out of ammo, out of food, tortured, wounded and left for dead.  You don’t have to be a hero.  You do your duty each and every day you’re asked to do so.  
You are proud to be an American!
I hope this answers your questions Ava.

The man in a wheel chair standing as the colors pass is a VETERAN!

Carlos J. Melendez
Major U.S. Army (retired)
1st Brigade (Sep), 101st Airborne Division
Vietnam: first tour - 1966 -1967.  second tour - 1969-1970 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Below find an email I sent to Carly Fiorina for having the "cajones" in bringing up the Benghazi cover-up as sufficient to question why the American public should trust president obama. Ms. Fiorina, “Carly”, Thank you for having the Leadership “Cajones” (you know what I mean), for bringing attention to the NBC viewing audience; your comments this morning on Meet The Press, the issue being presidential “trust” or in the case of president obama (no caps intended), a president for whom I have no trust! As a retired veteran, I and others stand ready to support any and all actions you will develop over the coming days to point out the cowardice and criminal conduct exhibited by the president, the vice president, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State and anyone else in the chain of command who were derelict in their duties in allowing four brave American heroes to die needlessly in Benghazi in the service of our country. I further state that David Gregory is a coward and a hack with no journalist integrity to cut you off in your remarks critical of the obama administration’s conduct in the Benghazi coverup! Where is the “media” on this cover up of facts relating to the deaths of the Ambassador and three other American heroes? Leon Panetta is a disgrace in the eyes of every American fighting man when he claims he didn’t have sufficient intelligence to act. Tyrone Woods had battlefield intelligence and he acted upon it giving up his life in the process. How dare this Secretary of Defense, the man with the most powerful fighting force known in history, lie to America about his cowardice in the face of hostilities! When lives are at stake, American fighting men fight to save and rescue our fellow Americans who cannot defend themselves. Panetta is a despicable coward who lacks integrity and has no moral courage! He should be put in prison, as should all who had a hand in letting these four brave Americans die. They were abandoned! Abandoned by the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief who had the responsibility and moral responsibility to save their lives. I am ashamed of these people. I call for the leadership of this country; business, governors, media, citizens – Republican or Democrat or whatever party affiliation, to denounce the actions and the dereliction of duty by this president. Denounce him now! Demand this president be held accountable under the laws of the United States of America or the UCMJ, whichever can be accomplished sooner!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Middle Class in America

Presently, one of the major events in the Presidential Campaign is upon us. We all have a stake in the outcome! What everyone wants is "WHAT'S GOOD FOR AMERICA!" So here's my message to you Mr. President and to you Mr. Romney. I am from the "middle class", the great unwashed, the hard workin' blue collar slug, hard partyin', not afraid of nuthin', unqualified love for my country, the flag, and spirit of America, God fearin', respect for my fellow man, and willing to serve in the defense of my country, freedom and "the American Way!" What this means to each of you is this. You can both tell me how great and wonderful you are, have been, or will be. That's fine. But at the end of the day, I want someone as President who will lead this country back to prosperity, peace w/honor, and respect from our friends and enemies around the world. I want a President who is smart. Yeah, smart. You can be intelligent but if you're not smart, then get out of the way and let someone who knows what to do get on with it. In other words, "let the big kids do it!" I want a President who will be straight with me! Yeah, I know that's sometimes hard because "politicians" have come to believe that can't tell "We The People" the truth because you won't get elected. This belief is part of why the leadership is corrupt. How can I say that you ask? You tell me Mr. President/Mr. Romney, why do we have ethics committees in government? Aren't you elected to do the right thing for the right reasons? I firmly believe that the "middle class" is beginning to realize what's going on in this country. They see individuals like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Black Caucus and all the Dems in the past 50 years of American politics say how they are helping the poor blacks get better education, jobs and better opportunies, a fair and level playing field. Just count up the failures of government intervention and outright theft and corruption by Jackson and Sharpton, so called reverends - men of the cloth. Just look at the record on the money stolen beginning with Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society". Just check out the "public housing projects" in Harlem. Remember a government agency known as HUD. A nickname for money laundering, payoffs and paybacks to politicians by housing developers and politicians. Don't take my word for it, do the math (research money spent since the '60's.) What a concept! An honest politician! An honest President! An honest Senator! An honest Congressman! So here's my bottom line Gentlemen! I want someone who will lead this country! Stop the partisanship! Don't worry about presenting and explaining facts and figures to me. Just admit that the last presidential/congressional terms have been bad for America and you're going to fix it! Fix it, dammit! Fix it and you have my vote!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama, a president who has no leadership ability! None!

This blog is about leadership.  Today's blog is directed to several interview.
 KROFT: You declared your candidacy. And you said, "The reason we've not met our challenges is a failure of leadership, the smallness of our politics, the ease with which we're distracted by the petty and the trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions, our presence for scoring cheap political points instead of rolling up our sleeves and building a working consensus to take on big problems." I mean those were eloquent words and true words. Unfortunately, they're still largely true today. Did you overpromise? Did you underestimate how difficult this was gonna be?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obama's demand for Romney's tax returns means "Transparency for both candidates?"

When challenges are made regarding the President being born in the US, challenges to the authenticity to his birth certificate keep coming up. One has to ask why in the era of transparency does the President ask Romney to release more tax returns beyond the legal 2 year requirement? Why does the President keep accusing Romney of having "hidden" riches in off shore bank accounts? I do believe it's time for the reasonable man theory to apply. Consider the background prior to President Obama being elected as President. A reasonable man would ask, why wasn't the birth certificate question asked by Hillary Clinton? Certainly Al Sharpton had to know the Obama stories told on the campaign trail. Was this President truly vetted during the initial campaign or did everyone, read this to mean - print and television media, just look the other way. Why no inquiry into "Acorn"? Why did Acorn and other leftist groups get $4 billion, "that B for billion", from President Obama's 2011 budget? Why were they given the money and who investigated fraudulent voting scheme claims? Why no vetting on Obama's ties to Rezko and his "gift" of a house and an adjacent vacant lot from a person under investigation by the FBI, and How did a lowly state senator come up with the money to buy the $1.5 million dollar house "and lot" when he tells Rezko in no uncertain terms he can't afford to buy a house. So why hasn't the Prez released his college transcripts, his medical records (drug use??)? After all, all the surrogates are shouting at the top of their lungs, "the American people" need to know the character of a man!" Surely the President is for transparency, equal treatment for both sides. These demands cannot be purely political as the Romney campaign claims. So as you consider all the hubbub over the docs that challenge the President's birth, his college grades; you have to believe the Romney campaign has them or at least has seen them but are not using them against the Prez. Instead, Romney and Ryan are focusing on the economy, jobs and the debt growing from 15 trillion dollars, And so, while the Prez' birth certificate and all the rest isn't the issue you have to ask why this President is spending time and energy asking for tax returns? The issue in this campaign, first and foremost, is to save our country from economic ruin! Sadly, this President is more interested in telling the American voter how rich Romney is and how Ryan is going to throw seniors under the bus. Like Tiny Tim almost said, "God" help "all!"

Friday, August 17, 2012

President Obama and National Security

Friend and Concerned Citizen, Fred Rustman sent me an email informing me of a political action committee “Special Ops OPSEC” By going to this link, you will see the mission statement as well as an open invitation to join Special OPS OPSEC. I am honored that he thought to invite me to join this newly formed group and participate in any way that I can. I urge you to visit their website and look it over. If you like what you see, then by all means, join this proud organization. Go to this link for insight as to why this group was formed and meet Fred,! After reading Fred’s email message, I thought of the importance of national security and the daily contributions made by the Special OPS community to national security. It also convinced me to inform family, friends, and neighbors of current events that have detracted and indeed endangered national security. The most serious threats to our national security come directly from the President of the United States and his National Security advisors. This has prompted me to voice my opinion on the dishonor and threat by President Obama to national security. My opinion follows: The info below is forwarded to you as a modern day example of "loose lips sinks ships" coined during WW II. I leave it to your good judgment to come to your own conclusions. We have enough people around today telling us what to think and what not to think. As national security is of prime importance especially in time of war, we must demand discipline and leadership of the highest order from our elected leaders. After all, it’s only the future of the country that’s at stake. I retooled these words regarding “the future of the country” from a scene from “All The President's Men”. Ben Bradley, editor of the Washington Post, was preparing to leave the building. Just outside the elevator he said these memorable words admonishing his cub reporters “Woodstein” regarding the big story on Nixon. "You know the results of the latest Gallup Poll? Half the country never even heard of the word Watergate. Nobody gives a shit. You guys are probably pretty tired, right? Well, you should be. Go on home, get a nice hot bath. Rest up... 15 minutes. Then get your asses back in gear. We're under a lot of pressure, you know, and you put us there. Nothing's riding on this except the, uh, first amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and 'MAYBE THE FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY'. Not that any of that matters, but if you guys fuck up again, I'm going to get mad. Goodnight." Regarding the war in Afghanistan et al, it's been said: "Our military is at war. Americans are at the mall..." A quick search of how the phrase “loose lips” came to be led me to this link, It was put on posters as "part of a campaign to advise servicemen and other citizens to avoid careless talk concerning secure information that might be of use to the enemy." While the link goes on to say the phrase was "an admonition to avoid careless talk in general", one need only read today's headlines to know that "loose talk" has graduated to political propaganda generated from the President and his National Security staff at the White House. No doubt you know the "back story" of the movie "Zero Dark Thirty", scheduled for release in October, just prior to the November election for President of the United States. Surely, just a coincidence. Bill Clinton, past occupant of the White House, called Obama, the current President of the United States, an "amateur". His remarks are chronicled in Edward Klein’s new biography of Obama in a book called "The Amateur". The New York post covered the story May 11, 2012. And so as the nation's Special Ops Community denounce "loose talk" as practiced by this President and his National Security Staff, think of it - the President and his National Security Staff!!; I remind you that the former Secretary of Defense Bill Gates told Tom Donilon, now Obama's national security advisor these words on how to protect “national security”: ‘I have a new strategic communications approach to recommend,’ Gates said in his trademark droll tones, according to an account later provided by his colleagues. What was that, Donilon asked? ‘Shut the fuck up,’ the defense secretary said.” Recalling Bill Bradley words, IT’S ONLY THE “FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY” THAT’S AT STAKE!

Monday, July 30, 2012

I started this blog to comment on the subject of “leadership”. I’ve been fortunate to serve with “great leaders” first hand. Starting with our country's first President, our nation has been blessed with great leaders. I encourage comment on this subject if the reader is so inclined. What follows is my comment on President Obama's current campaign rhetoric. By now, the whole birther question is sluffed off as just right wing looney toons attacking a president who’s black (read racist), or, “the prez has already provided his birth certificate”, why can’t you drop it already. Think about the important issues of the day, etc…. So does the 46% of “we the people” who support the prez, see any hypocrisy in the prez’s attack on Romney being a “rich white guy”, “unfair”, “outsourcer in chief”, “off shore bank accounts”, “holding back tax returns” (read: he must have something dirty or illegal in them so let’s get it out”, never mind that R’s complied with the disclosure rules on tax returns), Romney is just not a “likeable guy”, and so on? As a member of the remaining 46% or remaining % of “we the people” (read independents), my primary concern is the mounting debt/overspending – read “trillions” (remember when they used to refer to these figures in millions then billions?). But instead, we see the prez relying on personally attacking Romney and mainlining “social issues” to his targeted audience! Will we the people see that our country is in dire need of leadership? That we don’t need complainers and whiners on either side. The Congress is deadlocked now. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, will not the country continue to be “deadlocked”, meaning that our country is on “autopilot spending and mounting debt” with no one with the “cajones” to lead our country back to prosperity and greatness. The Obama cv is attached to ignite your thinking on the question. Are the allegations in the cv true? Is it true that Obama spent a million bucks to thwart lawsuits on the question? Now, I’ve it really shouldn’t matter about his cv. But then ask yourself, why is the community activist in chief who’s never had to make payroll (my personal test for a successful leader) and has no bidnez experience, so worried about a “rich white guy” who made his own money and knows how to fix distressed companies? “We The People” should not be surprised that the media (known as the Fourth Estate), the Congress, the current prez are all held in low esteem, referring to “approval polls” while the military is held in high esteem by “We The People”. Duty, Honor, Country. Do not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does! Simple codes to live by! Here’s a code I’ve made my own and passed on to my two sons. It is all part of my built in bullshit meter incorporated into the fabric of my personality over the years. “A man’s primary task in life is to immediately recognize the assholes of the world and avoid them at all costs!” Remember the definition of peace, “it’s the time between reloading your weapon.”

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My last post was just prior to the Supreme Court ruling on Obama care. And so it seems that our nation has survived Chief Justice Robert's curious decision. I for one hold a partisan view and think Roberts was flat out, no mistake, he was just plain wrong. I know one thing however. He didn't get to where he is by being short in the brains department, not knowing the law, and not being a man of integrity and honor. Our country is and should be the standard for what the "rule of law" stands for. I think we proved that by not having an armed coup or riots in the streets across our great country. As you listen to the analysis and the judgments rendered on the decision, I'm reminded of a description of lawyers and what they learn in law school. It's basic to the lawyer and his code of ethics that he is an advocate. As such, his or her personal views cannot influence the way he/she argues the law. The phrase I'm referring to is, "an attorney is trained to be able to argue both sides of the question". With that thought in mind, it leaves no doubt in my mind at least, that Chief Justice Roberts decided on his view of the world and "argued for the side of the question of Obama care" that fit his personal viewpoint. It has been said that just prior to the announcement of the court's decision, Roberts was in favor of the conservative view but changed his mind one month prior to the announcement. There are many subjects to discuss since my last post, Obama's recent decision on immigration policy affecting 1.4 million "dreamers" -, a political move or concern for status of illegals?; the renewed debate for gun control despite the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 affirming the fundamental right to bear arms -; to Obama's most recent reminder of his true belief's - "you didn't do that" - China is buying Nexen, the Canadian oil company today, Some how I feel the fix is in. Obama shuts down the oil industry in the Gulf states, then sends the oil to his old buddy Soros - owner of Petrogas in Brazil. Makes you wonder if the fix is in. For now, I'll close with something Paul Harvey said April 3, 1965. It's short...less than three minutes. Check it out. That's it for now. Remember. The definition for "Peace" is the time between reloading your weapon be it pistol, rifle, tank or airplane. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Care

Tomorrow is the day the Supreme Court is expected to make public its decision on whether Obamacare becomes the law of the land or not.  I suspect that the Court will rule Obamacare unconstitutional.

If ever there was a red flag to tell someone who's not a scholar, doesn't keep up with the news, or is just not interested in politics; that person must know that the elected Democrats in Washington have to believe that "We The People" are a bunch of idiots.  How so, what thinking American can accept Nancy Pelosi's now infamous words "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy!", see her speak those words at this link,

If you're reading this blog, chances are you know how to browse the Internet. So take a trip and enter "Obama's promises on health care" and pick a story.

Finally, ask yourself this question.  If Obamacare is such a good deal for "We The People", will he switch his health care plan to Obamacare?  Will Congress switch their health care plans for Obamacare?

One final Internet homework assignment.  Enter the search parameters "who received waivers to Obamacare and why?" and see what comes up.

Like I've said earlier in this post, pick a story and see for yourself who received waivers and why.

Are "We The People" stupid?

I certainly don't think so.  We'll know after the Presidential election.

Remember, "Peace is the time it takes to reload your rifle!:

For those of you who know, a reminder.  "The defining characteristic of a warrior is the willingness to close with the enemy!"

This blog is about leadership.  I trust you understand that I am posting my ideas to challenge you to demand "leadership" from our elected officials.  They must stand on principle for what's good for the country!

They can start ending corruption in Congress! Someone once said something that sounded pretty sensible to me.  It went like this. "Don't do anything you wouldn't tell your Grandmother."

A man has to live by a code.  If he can't be a man of his word, he's not a man!

Politicians at every level of government can consider this code while doing the business of the people.

"I will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does!"

Yes my fellow Americans, it's all about leadership!  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Imperial President

I first came on the term "Imperial President" in a political science class.  It was the intention of the original framers of the Constitution that the Executive Branch of government would be the weakest with the Congress, the representatives of the people from each state, being the strongest.

Flash forward to contemporary times and we give no thought to an operating budget to run the country.  Instead, we have a "continuing resolution" with the Executive Branch establishing policy and administering funds by "Executive Order".

With the country split down the middle, ideologically speaking of course, I find that the current President, Barack H. Obama does not represent my views.  He grew up with and surrounds himself with communists and activists engaged in anti-American activity, smoked pot and did cocaine, and now believes in destroying the nation's economy by driving it deep into debt, $14 trillion in the near term.

The President has failed to lead the country in my humble opinion and by his actions is not a leader I wish to follow as a citizen of the United States of America.  There are examples abound since he came into office.  If you have access to a computer, all you have to do is enter the search parameters "Obama and leader" and do the reading for yourself.  You decide.  It's all out there.

But my most recent example of President Obama acting and expanding the concept of the phenom, "Imperial Presidency" and his proclivity to ignore and most astonishingly is his recent Executive Order in granting a 2 year amnesty for illegal aliens.  He shamelessly proclaimed this to win the "Latino" vote.

Then shortly after the Supreme Court unanimously agreed on the one section of the Arizona Law that allowed local police to stop and determine if an individual was an illegal or not, "the Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police." 

Obama's actions in effect negated the Supreme Court's decision on the question of stopping suspected illegal immigrants in Arizona and throughout the country.

Obama's failure of leadership is summarized in this way.  He is driven by making "political" decisions that will, in his mind and those of his campaign staff, insure his reelection instead of making "policy" decisions that are based in the Constitution and therefore good for the country.

I urge you, as you read these words, to take your vote seriously, study the issues as presented by both men seeking the Presidency, and govern yourself accordingly for the good of our country.