Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obama's demand for Romney's tax returns means "Transparency for both candidates?"

When challenges are made regarding the President being born in the US, challenges to the authenticity to his birth certificate keep coming up. One has to ask why in the era of transparency does the President ask Romney to release more tax returns beyond the legal 2 year requirement? Why does the President keep accusing Romney of having "hidden" riches in off shore bank accounts? I do believe it's time for the reasonable man theory to apply. Consider the background prior to President Obama being elected as President. A reasonable man would ask, why wasn't the birth certificate question asked by Hillary Clinton? Certainly Al Sharpton had to know the Obama stories told on the campaign trail. Was this President truly vetted during the initial campaign or did everyone, read this to mean - print and television media, just look the other way. Why no inquiry into "Acorn"? Why did Acorn and other leftist groups get $4 billion, "that B for billion", from President Obama's 2011 budget? Why were they given the money and who investigated fraudulent voting scheme claims? Why no vetting on Obama's ties to Rezko and his "gift" of a house and an adjacent vacant lot from a person under investigation by the FBI, and How did a lowly state senator come up with the money to buy the $1.5 million dollar house "and lot" when he tells Rezko in no uncertain terms he can't afford to buy a house. So why hasn't the Prez released his college transcripts, his medical records (drug use??)? After all, all the surrogates are shouting at the top of their lungs, "the American people" need to know the character of a man!" Surely the President is for transparency, equal treatment for both sides. These demands cannot be purely political as the Romney campaign claims. So as you consider all the hubbub over the docs that challenge the President's birth, his college grades; you have to believe the Romney campaign has them or at least has seen them but are not using them against the Prez. Instead, Romney and Ryan are focusing on the economy, jobs and the debt growing from 15 trillion dollars, And so, while the Prez' birth certificate and all the rest isn't the issue you have to ask why this President is spending time and energy asking for tax returns? The issue in this campaign, first and foremost, is to save our country from economic ruin! Sadly, this President is more interested in telling the American voter how rich Romney is and how Ryan is going to throw seniors under the bus. Like Tiny Tim almost said, "God" help "all!"

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